since 20.02.2002, 20:02
This is the site of some related people from Bucharest, Romania, having the last name 'Corlan'. It contains personal pages and pages of hobby/professional projects.

Public pages:

  • home page of Dr. Andreea Corlan
  • maintained by some of us having the hobby of obtaining CCD images of celestial bodies and aggregations and measuring things on these images;
  • a contract bridge club;
  • open-source software implementing a language for the description of models of myocardial electrophysiology;
  • on representation of clinical cases aiming to be predictive for their evolution;
  • personal home page of Alexandru Dan Corlan;
  • open-source software and hardware for the acquisition and analysis of long term (24h) ambulatory ECG recordings (`Holter' recordings);
  • a site promoting the understanding and use of an electronic typesetting system named TeX (pronounced `tech') by presenting short examples;
  • an online simulator of the action of oral anticoagulants (drugs that reduce the ability of the blood to clot, such as warfarin or acenocoumarol).

Public online applications:

  • warfarissimo Enter patient data, oral anticoagulant doses and it will calculate a theoretical INR trend.
  • medline trend You enter some keywords and it makes a table with the yearly number of medline citations which match the keywords (or medline search expression) since 1960 or so.
  • medline bibtex Searches PubMed delivering results in BibTeX format.
  • diaskys Will list the screen images which are available in our database for a certain position on the sky, or on which a short linear trajectory across the sky, over some period of time, might have been caught.
  • autovaca Online calculator of probabilities relevant to a player's decisions at any stage during a game of bridge.

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